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Sailing Boats

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A brief resume of Gerald Hosking.

From my schooldays through working life I was fortunately given the ability to be handy in all things practical, by way of drawing, painting and model making when young and developing those skills into later life. I also developed skills in architectural planning work and the understanding of building regulation work.

My art then being the subject that I now follow and appreciate more fully, probably as I am of mature years me being an older Fella now. The light, colour changes, the sea movements etc and how such can change and set the mood fascinate me, it makes one realise how fragile we are, and how large the universe is, and how wonderful it all links. This thought pattern helps one to try and re create and hopefully capture all that I have encompassed i.e. the scene and feeling of the subject - time and place.

Gerald Hosking - Artist
Gerald Hosking - Artist
    I was born have lived in and around St Ives in Cornwall, UK, for most of my life, a Cornishman. I have been fortunate in that I have travelled a little, experiencing sunny places in Europe and trying skiing in Europe also travelled through the American Rockies etc .I have lived in the New Forest in Hampshire for a while. All giving me a good understanding and helping me find / develop some art skills.

I hope you will like my art, I would be pleased to undertake any particular picture / commission for you, perhaps as a lasting momentum of something you have seen while being in Cornwall.

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